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  • mbf - breathinq-wifi
  • check out my March BOTM
  • reblogs only (more times the better)
  • likes only count for bookmarking purposes
  • I will be choosing via
  • This post must reach 100+ notes or it didn’t happen ;)
  • You have until March 30th
What I look for in a BOTM - 
  • a clean, organized theme
  • good navigation system
  • quality posts (this is most important for me)
  • a great url
  • and most importantly, a friendly blogger!
What will you get? - 
  • a follow from me *if not already*
  • a spot on my blog for all of April
  • unlimited promos through the month of April (must ask)
  • random solo-promos done by me (on top of unlimited promo ^)
  • help with reblogs, likes, voting etc. 
  • my friendship & eternal love 

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✿ welcome to mkbye’s spring tumblr awards 

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I haven’t made a tumblr awards in awhile, so why not do one?


- you must be following me, mkbye. I will check the day when the winners are being picked.

- you must reblog this post, likes don’t count but it won’t disqualify you. 


- best url

- best icon

- best personality (2)

- best thememaker (2)

- best personal/non-quality (2)

- best theme (3)

- personal favourite (4)

- the easter egg (third place)

- the flower (runner up)

- the rainbow (winner)


- winners will be announced on april 6th. 2014 around 8pm EST. you have over 3 weeks to reblog this post.

- the list of winners will be posted on my blog for over a week.

- there are about 18 winners and I look through each and every blog, so you may win.

- I have over 10k followers so I guarantee you will gain some.

- the rainbow (ultimate winner) can get a custom theme if they want to. 


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